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Used Auto Spare Parts

Lyca Motors has experience of providing parts container according to individual customer needs. Our experienced staff can cut the vehicles according to your requirements and packed into 20 or 40 feet container.

Japanese Quality of the Used Car Market has always been the Top of the quality and Condition in the World. We Lyca Motors is one of the leading automobile trading company and World-Wide Used Vehicle Exporter of Quality Japanese Cars at affordable prices located in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Our humble team of passionate people serving our clients to reach their vehicles needs by supplying the highest quality used cars with Fast, Reliable, and Quality Service. We love doing what we do because we love what we do., we believe, "NOTHING GREAT IN THE WORLD HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT PASSION We are Professional, energetic, Service oriented and we work because our mission is “BEST FOR THE BEST" ". Once a customer buys our automobile, it is sent to the customer in the shortest time possible through our smooth and prompt procedures Lyca Motors is listening what is being essential thus, fulfilling demands at its best possible price without any compromises in quality by applying modern technologies for valuable customers. Where the Lyca Motors Customers come first. Change is Integral part of modern world. We consistently keep on challenging our comfort zone because adoption of latest market trends and achievement of new milestones is pivotal to our success. Lyca Motors Believe to be part of "Change" before it changes you. That's why we proudly say, "THE FUTURE IS Lyca Motors".