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Booking & Shipping

Tracking Your Vehicle's Journey

How will I know when my vehicle is arriving?
We'll keep you informed throughout. Once the ship is confirmed, we'll provide you with the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) at your destination port.

How long does shipping usually take?
We're committed to swift shipping, but keep in mind these are estimates:
Africa: around 3–5 weeks
Georgia: about 6 weeks
Caribbean: approximately 3–5 weeks
Pacific Region: roughly 1 week
South America: roughly 4 weeks

Can I check if the ship left on schedule?
We'll let you know when the ship departs from the Japanese port.

Can I verify if my vehicle's on the ship as planned?
We'll provide a copy of the Bill of Lading (BL) for your verification through your local shipping agent.

Inspecting Your Vehicle

Will I know if my vehicle passed inspection?
Certainly, we'll send you a PDF of the inspection certificate when it's available.

Starting the Shipping Process

To book a shipping vessel, we need certain info:
Port of Discharge: Where the cargo unloads.
Vehicle Destination: The country where the vehicle will be used.
Consignee: Full name, address, phone. Accuracy is vital!
Notify Party: The contact for arrival info.
Docs Delivery Address: Address for document courier.

Shipping Schedule Changes

The schedule changes are due to shipping companies' decisions, beyond our control as exporters.