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Terms & Condition

1. Vehicle Pricing and Reservation:

The prices you see on our website are for the vehicle (FOB basis). To know the C&F price, please fill the form or contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR) with the stock ID. We reserve a stock vehicle for you as per our company policy. The reservation duration varies based on markets. During the reservation period, you need to pay and share the transfer slip via official email or WhatsApp. If not, we're not responsible for any consequences.

2. Payment and Shipping:

If you partially pay, the full amount is due seven days after the carrier's departure. You're responsible for bank charges and other transaction costs, not included in the invoice. We process shipping after full or partial payment, according to carrier terms. Delivery is at the carrier's facility. We try to ship quickly, but delays aren't our responsibility. Original documents are sent only after full payment. You must pay on time for document processing before shipment, and we're not responsible for document-related losses.

3. Unpaid Cars and Warranty:

If you don't pay by seven days after the carrier's departure, the car is considered unpaid. We might keep your part payment and resell the car. We offer cars as-is, without specific warranties. We only assure they match the descriptions on the site. We're not responsible for disclosed car defects.

4. Limitation of Liability:

We're not liable for more than the car's invoice price, consequential damages, or lost business. You'll compensate us for losses due to breach, negligence, or third-party claims.

5. Legal Compliance:

We follow anti-corruption laws, never dealing with organized crime. We prevent anti-social transactions and comply with export controls.

6. Agreement and Governing Law:

These terms are the whole agreement between you and us. We're not waiving rights if we don't enforce a term. If part of these terms isn't enforceable, the rest still apply. These terms are governed by Japanese laws and courts.

7. Our Commitments:

We're responsible for our company policies. If any employee makes false commitments about price or vehicle condition, we won't accept any claims. It's your responsibility to ensure you have all payment and information details through email communication. Feel free to ask if you need any more explanations or clarifications.