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Privacy Policy | Vehicles & Inventory

Manufactured Year Information:
Yes, we list the manufactured year if available.
Please note this data is from a third party and we're not liable for any issues caused by it.

English Manuals:
No, since our vehicles are from Japan, any included manuals will be in Japanese.

Spare Keys:
Sometimes. If they're not in the glove compartment, you might need to make copies.

Odometer Change:
No, altering the odometer is against the law. We strictly follow legal practices.

Custom Requests:
Absolutely! If it's not on our site, let us know what you need. We'll try to find the right vehicle for you.

Vehicle Condition:
We provide 10-15 detailed pictures to help you assess the condition.

Custom Installations:
Sure thing! Just tell us what you need before getting the Proforma Invoice.

Shipping Auto Parts:
No, only container shipments allow items inside the vehicle.

Visit Us:
You're welcome to visit, but please schedule an appointment ahead of time.